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National Institute for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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It is the purpose of OJJDP to provide a coordinating center for the collection, preparation and dissemination of useful data regarding the prevention, treatment and control of juvenile delinquency and child exploitation; to provide training for human services professionals, judges, paraprofessionals, prosecutors, juvenile corrections and detention personnel, volunteers, law enforcement personnel where activities relate to juvenile delinquency prevention and treatment programs and improvement of the juvenile justice system; to promote leadership development in the field of juvenile justice; to promote dissemination of information about new technologies and training methods, to stimulate and support training in the fields of juvenile justice; and the human services networks which support the juvenile justice system; and to support development of standards for the administration of juvenile justice. The funds are also used to conduct research, program development and evaluation into any aspect of juvenile delinquency, missing and exploited children; to review standards of juvenile detention and correctional facilities; to strengthen and maintain the family unit; to improve our understanding of the development of pro-social and anti-social behavior patterns; to report the number and characteristics of juveniles taken into custody; to collect, process and report on the data from the Nation's juvenile justice systems; to research and identify early court interventions, delays in sanctions and effective juvenile offender prevention and treatment programs; and to study waivers and transfers to adult courts and conduct research to increase knowledge of how violent youth gangs contribute to serious, violent, and chronic juvenile crime.